Does Caffeine help Adrenal Fatigue

Did you know that caffeine is a drug? It may not be “as bad” for you as cocaine or heroin, but at its core, it is still an addictive drug. In fact, tens of millions of Americans are addicted to caffeine, so much so that coffee is a multi-billion dollar industry. What a great industry to be in…people’s bodies tell them they feel tired and lethargic and the only “fix” is a $7 cup of coffee.

Some of us started drinking coffee in college, others started drinking it after we quit smoking cigarettes. Regardless of the reason(s) why you started or why you continue to drink massive amounts of coffee on a regular basis, it’s not good for the human body. It only provides a temporary lift in mood and energy. Once that has run its course, your body, mind and energy levels come crashing down. So much so, that you feel like you can’t think, move or do anything without another cup of joe.

The majority of people who suffer from AF find that coffee really doesn’t work for them anymore. When they first started drinking, they were given immense boosts of energy and mood elevation. Over the years, and as your adrenals wear down, coffee ceases to work.

Yet people who suffer from AF still drink it.

This is why it’s called an “addiction”. If you don’t get your daily dose of coffee, you tend to become irritable, restless, moody. You can’t concentrate and you might get a headache. This vicious cycle of waking up, getting your drug (caffeine) fix, not feeling anything so drinking more and more until it’s time for bed. Wash/rinse/repeat for many years.

The definition of “insanity” is doing something over and over again and expecting different results.

Many people who suffer from AF have reported that after they quit drinking coffee, their energy levels rise up a bit. As time goes by, they start feeling more and more energetic and wonder why they ever started drinking coffee in the first place.

Repeated caffeine abuse weakens your adrenal glands. Some people may call it a “tolerance”, others may simply think their body is able to process it more efficiently. The problem is that you’re just weakening your adrenal glands even more with each cup of coffee that you drink.

Giving up coffee may seem counter-intuitive.

It may seem like a daunting task.

As stressful and as busy as your life is….do you really want to go through a week or two worth of headaches and withdrawals?

Here’s a tip: Try weaning yourself off coffee.

If you have several cups a day, and you work for a living, try starting the wean on a Saturday. Let’s say that you drink 5 cups a day. Cut down to 3 cups and then in 2-3 weeks, cut down to one cup.

You will find that if you wean yourself off of caffeine, the withdrawal symptoms will be slim to none. As time goes by (and “time” being the keyword here….every person is different so there really isn’t a “by x date” factor) you will start to feel like you have more energy.

After you have given up coffee completely, you will find that your energy levels throughout the day have evened out and you won’t feel that sugar/caffeine crash that you normally feel in the late morning or late afternoon.

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